About Us

Our Company Model

Being a veteran B2B value added reseller of computer products, MicroTrends has developed close partnerships with both information technology manufactures and the distribution network. We have access to every first tier branded product in the Canadian product network. However, we do not represent any specific brand nor do we focus on products as items that need to be sold. In fact, we follow a zero inventory model so we are never in a position where we need to “get rid” of any inventory. Rather, our inventory is primarily to support our service department.
We are designed to source solutions for our clients with a focus of service, not sales. Our team possesses vast product depth and numerous vendor relationships as pure benefit to their ability in providing first rate assistance. The products we provide are defined by the features it offers at our clients gain and long term convenience – not ours.
At Microtrends, the product is merely a part of the solution. Any hardware that is sold is a mutual conclusion between our client manager and the customer. Your confidence is our approval to a solution that offers function, benefit, and long term satisfaction, freeing you of unnecessary hassles in your environment.

Our Team

The Client Manager Team works closely with our corporate customers providing world class IT solutions. Veterans in the Western Canadian Market space we offer very proficient solutions that integrate well.
We are defined by our well versed team of professionals, each team member having their own specialty. Having a team structure as such allows us to provide focused solutions on various types of IT projects as well as coming together for broad scope resolution. Our wide range of capabilities enables us to continually grow our portfolio and expand our capabilities.